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  • Speaker Series: David Arias
  • GDMA Speaker Series: Portrait Series 2
  • GDMA Speaker Series: Portrait Series 1 by Nick Frühling

GDMA Speaker Series

Event Posters

The Graphic Design program at Kwantlen University (GDMA) brings in a fascinating but often unknown lineup of monthly guest speakers, and I am responsible for developing the marketing for each series. The inconsistency of the various head shots I receive is resolved by a consistent illustration style that plays off the subject of the talks with a subtle caricature.

After a week of seeing these throughout the halls, across social media, and on the program home page, the students have already developed a familiarity with the speaker before the session even begins.

  • Anvil Island Identity by Nick Frühling
  • Anvil Island 2013 Brochure by Nick Frühling
  • Anvil Island 2012 Brochure by Nick Frühling
  • Anvil Island 2011 Brochure by Nick Frühling
  • Anvil Island 2010 Brochure by Nick Frühling

Anvil Island

Daybreak Point Bible Camp Brochures

Summer camps are the ultimate source of fantastic photography, and Anvil Island is no exception. Since rebranding the seventy-year-old camp with this new logo, I’ve been able to reinvent the design of their brochure every year while still keeping the focus on people and faces. Campers receive the brochure in the middle of winter, so fun and sun are the main draw for early registrations, while its ability to fold out into a giant poster allows campers and churches to hang it up as a constant reminder that summertime is right around the corner.

This year we asked fans on Facebook to describe what “Anvil is” to them, and I took the entire collection of comments and illustrated them into the brochure with attribution for each camper.

  • Ergon Communications: Active Engagement
  • Ergon Communications: Metaphor Making
  • Ergon Communications: Physics Of Living

Ergon Communications

DVD & Publication Design

Ergon Communications is known in the career counselling world for their range of employment materials and programs. I’ve worked on three of their major publications, from cover design to typesetting, and video production to DVD programming and packaging.

Bestseller Active Engagement brings themes of colouring outside the lines, thinking outside the box, and overlapping disciplines to both a book and DVD series, while the author’s use of metaphors is key to the clock gears used in Metaphor Making and accompanying card game, as well as the swirling billiard balls as electrons in Physics of Living.

  • inSteveston Movember Promotion

Movember inSteveston

Fundraiser & Awareness Campaign

Steveston is a little town that does big things. With the creation of the “Steveston ‘Staches” team, inSteveston aimed to change the face of men’s health as part of the annual moustache growing charity event that raises funds and awareness for prostate cancer.

Throughout the month, we helped the team hit growth goals with a campaign that included postcards, buttons, posters, maps, and a significant web presence, capped by a “whisker weekend” that saw village businesses transformed by moustache madness.

Carbonation & Corn Syrup

Kinetic Typography

John Nese is the endlessly fascinating force behind Galco’s Soda Pop Stop, a cola connoisseur’s paradise in Los Angeles. I made the pilgrimage to his store after seeing his passion for pop, and besides being the nicest guy in the world, he’s a man who absolutely loves his work. I had to capture some of this enthusiasm with kinetic typography.

  • VDL Dodge Ballerz Shirts by Nick Frühling

Dodge Ballerz

Dodgeball Team Shirts

When it came time to brand the freshest faux gangster team in the Vancouver Dodgeball League (yes, it’s a real thing), there was only one way to go: bling. Outfitted for our first few seasons in metallic gold ink chains on street smart black, and then going all out with three-dimensional gold gradients and gratuitous lens flares on bright purple, it’s been a honour to wear this jersey alongside my homies every week.

  • Wonka Fizzy Lifting Packaging
  • Wonka Bottles
  • Wonka Bottle Detail
  • Wonka Disc Packaging
  • Wonka End Of Aisle Display

Fizzy Lifting Drink

Wonka Packaging Design

For this fictional project, I designed a whole packaging scheme for the infamous drink from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that, while not yet fully tested, makes you fly. Using bubbles built right into the bottle, jumbled lettering reminiscent of the both the product and its inventor, and topped with a cork to suggest the experimental nature of the drink, I aimed to make the drink graphic, eye-catching, and most of all, fun.

In keeping with the theme, the cases for a 4-pack resembles a thousand-pound weight, useful if the beverage consumer decides they don’t want to completely fly away. As part of the marketing push for the “launch” of the product, a cardboard case resembling the weight easily unfolds into a brochure containing more info and a disc with games for the kiddies. Lastly, for supermarkets I designed the end-of-aisle display to be Willy Wonka’s bottling factory, wacky gears and wonky conveyor belts producing bottles by the dozen, with shelving for the aforementioned cases underneath.

  • Nick Fruhling Identity Design


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