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My handy dandy, definitive, printable, and unofficial Star Wars viewing checklist companion

(and useful timeline too)
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My youngest is going through a pivotal moment in life: his first viewing of Star Wars. He really wants to keep track of what he's seen and what's left, a kid after my list-loving heart.

While we A/B tested viewing orders with his older siblings (from the Machete Order to theatrical releases), this checklist was vital because we gave him the choice: after starting with New Hope and getting to the big reveal in Empire Strikes Back, did he want to go forward and see what happens next, or go back in time and see where Darth Vader came from?

The checklist awakens

Initially I sketched out the the main 9 episodes and we crossed some off the list, but he wanted to know about other things he'd heard like Mandalorian and Clone Wars, and our well intentioned timeline turned to a scribbly mess. The internet had some incomplete timelines and nothing I could easily print, so I turned to the computer and that was the path to the dark side. Computer leads to design programs; design programs lead to font choices; font choices lead to screen accurate logo selection.

This final version includes both release dates and Star Wars dates, centred on the Battle of Yavin, which helps when you're trying to convince people "baby Yoda" isn't actually Yoda as a baby.
Download Star Wars checklist PDF

I also fit in the news Disney+ series that are on the horizon, though their timelines are best guesses until they're actually released. I'll do my best to keep it updated as the universe expands and new news comes in. Feel free to download, print, check off, and enjoy. Stay on target!

Download Checklist

And which direction did he end up choosing? "Whatever is closest to Darth Maul"

Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.
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