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Design, delight, and dad jokes.


My name is Nick and I'm a product designer by day and a sticker designer by night. While working in the industry for 20 years I've cofounded three hilarious children and cried at every Pixar movie.

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My main job is leading a crackerjack team of product designers at Staffbase, formerly known as Bananatag. My lifelong love of solving technical problems with creative solutions informs daily duties ranging from design operations to people management, where I apply all my experience to creative leadership, product strategy, and desk toys.

Fun highlights

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My other job is helping people help people as a partner in creative consulting company Doubleknot Works. We support career practitioners, coaches, and organizations through interactive workshops and coach training. While Andrea, my wife, runs the business full time, I contribute to publications, course materials, and workshop programming. We got to speak together at the Cannexus national career conference on Design Thinking for Career Development.

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Rag Tag

My side hustle is making stupid stickers for smart phones. Apple's introduction of a sticker ecosystem for iMessage was my chance to jump into the world of app development. I created a set of fully animated stickers and released an app that saw nearly 30,000 downloads in its first week. Rag Tag Co. now has 3 apps in the App Store, over 60,000 downloads, and continues to be just super fun to do.

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Other things

Me dressed as the human cannonball alongside Duke Caboom from Toy Story 4

How Nick the Human Cannonball inspired the legend of Duke Caboom

10 years ago I stepped foot into Pixar wearing the most ridiculous outfit imaginable. Find out how the untold tale of my viral job application connects to the breakthrough little character from Pixar's hit film Toy Story 4. Did Keanu Reeves portray me in a major Hollywood blockbuster?

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Preview of my Star Wars checklist and timeline

A comprehensive Star Wars checklist

My youngest is going through a pivotal moment in life: his first viewing of Star Wars. Wanting to keep track of what he's seen and what's left, we worked together and came up with a handy dandy, definitive, printable, and unofficial Star Wars viewing checklist companion (and useful timeline too).

➜ May the free PDF be with you
Preview of all the cool avatars on the website People With Cool Avatars

People with cool avatars collab

Twitter can stink but sometimes it shines. When I come across people with cool illustrated avatars I add them to this list. Through a random tweet a stranger was inspired by the list, registered the domain, and created an interactive site that takes it to the next level. It was an unintentional collaboration with Will Phillips Jr but such a fun result.

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Elsewhere on the internet

See my design and illustration work on Dribbble

Since I won a free year's subscription to a Dribbble Pro account I've uploaded a bunch of my visual design and illustration work there

Read this article about me on Vancouver is Awesome

One time I was captured on Google Street View riding my shiny red Vespa around town and I actually found it afterwards

Check out all the inspiring things I've pinned on Pinterest

From interior design to fancy cars and vintage signs, I still save all my favourite bits of inspiration on my Pinterest page

Instagram photo of the newspaper and props from that fateful day

My friend and I were featured on local news for dressing as donuts and lining up overnight at BC’s first (and only) Krispy Kreme

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